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Coaching Discovery Call


Book a complimentary FullFeel Alignment Call if you’re not sure what you need but you can’t keep doing the same thing anymore. In our FullFeel Alignment session, we’ll get to know each other, and explore the root of what’s missing. We’ll rediscover the parts of you that you've become disconnected from. You’ll learn the 4 Pillars of a FullFeel Life to take with you on your journey. 


You’re not a list of your achievements, so why should your life feel like it?

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One of Forbes’s Top 3 Assessments for Leaders, this assessment isn’t about putting you into a corporate personality box, defined by another bunch of letters (INFJ anyone?) 


After this assessment and coaching debrief, you’ll understand how you show up in your life, where you play small, and where your genius zones are—minute to minute. Understanding your unique energetic makeup is the first step to balance and power. Once you learn the 7 Levels of Energy, you’ll never look at the world the same way again.

IPEC Energy Leadership Assessment



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Reconnect to Your Power, Energy, and Femininity.


You’ve heard these words before: Clarity. Alignment. Intentional Action. Balance.

You may have even used them. 


Now, you’re invited to EXPERIENCE these words on a soul level that will change the way you live.

A 4-Day Online Experience for Women Who Want More Vitality. 


More Sparkle. More Life. More richness, more beauty, more joy and more meaning.

IPEC Energy Leadership Assessment


a 4-day online

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Customized Coaching Program

Re Discover


For professional women who are tired of being on autopilot and ready to feel powerfully alive, feminine, and in love with life again. You only live once . . . and if you know you can’t spend the rest of your life feeling disconnected, then coaching is for you. From the boardroom to the bedroom, you’ll be in control of your power, peace, and pleasure. 

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If you’re tired of just managing your team’s time and performance instead of inspiring and empowering them, Authentic Leadership is for you. In this 1:1 coaching program, we will laser focus to identify your authentic purpose as a leader and what makes YOU true leadership material. Together, we’ll shift your mindset from putting out fires to focusing on the growth and potential of your career and the best influence you can be on those around you. Get ready to become the most powerful, confident, fearless, and authentic leader you were made to be!

Customized coaching program

Re Discover


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