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About Raluca

Hi, I’m Raluca Gagea, your FullFeel lifestyle coach, passionate about helping women be authentic powerhouses in all aspects of their lives. 
Ready to be heard? 

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Born in Iaşi, Romania, I grew up as a free thinking, independent-minded woman who never settled for “good enough.” 


I have always embraced change as a way of living. 


I remember as a kid working in my family's winery, I was amazed by the beauty of the grapes and the wine-making process, but also intrigued by the work inefficiencies. I thought, "If things were more efficient, we could live our lives instead of working the land every weekend!"


I chose a career in Computer Science and quickly rose to leadership. Frustrated by the limitations of the Romanian work environment, I moved with my family to London, where I continued to look for the next challenge to grow personally and professionally. I was striving for excellence. 

But somewhere along the way I became so busy that it seemed impossible to enjoy the incredible life I created. 

Maybe you’ve felt the same—like you’ve pushed so hard to get to the top of the mountain that you’re too exhausted to enjoy the view. 

At the end of the day, most of my time and energy was spent at work or dedicated to others’ priorities. I was compromising my desires, and I never had enough time or energy for what I truly wanted, for what was truly important to me. 

Even when I had time, I couldn’t be and feel present. I wasn’t living, and I couldn’t switch off and recharge, because I believed I couldn’t afford to slow down. Too much to do, too much responsibility, too many things to fix, never enough time.

Any time someone asked me about my long-term vision, where I would like to be in 15 years . . . 

The truth is that I never knew. 

I could feel my body keeping the score of endless stress, unspoken desires, and switched-off passions.

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Work life balance

I became obsessed with finding my purpose, with diving into the Being instead of the Doing.

I intuitively decided to go to a retreat in Switzerland to recharge in quietness. Each step of that journey was a breakthrough in so many ways.

While reading The Power of Now in one of the most amazing places I’d ever been, I realized how much I was focusing on trying to control tomorrow’s outcomes rather than living today’s gifts.

The only thing that my body was telling me was to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the moment. 

My heart was telling me to just be myself, to build the bold, empowered, and passionate vision that makes me be my best self.

It was time to be fully authentic, be fearless, take chances, and let my own life vision unfold.

I realized that my purpose in life was nothing more than just being myself, no matter what, doing things my way, and feeling powerfully alive from boardroom to bedroom and everything in between.]

From that moment, I have invested my time and energy in bringing clarity and alignment to everything I do.

Instead of doing it all, I take focused action.

Instead of living at the effect of other people’s demands, I live in a state of balance and flow, being present in all the areas of my life.

I’ve fully rewelcomed pleasure and peace in my mind, my body, my heart, and my spirit. 

I’ve let my love for people take the shape of FullFeel Coaching—my vehicle to help people reconnect with themselves and their visions and get in love with life again.

I’m here to help you fall in love with your life, and live each day without regret. 

As a CPC and CORE certified lifestyle and leadership coach, my hope is that more people will connect to themselves and everyone around them in a deeply meaningful way and, together, create a better world. 

You’re invited to be deeply heard, my gift to you.

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“Raluca, you really jumped started me to take control and made me feel so much more confident - by focusing on strengths and not weakness.” - Nikki

I work one-on-one to provide a safe and loving space to have difficult conversations and grow. 

If you are ready to take focused action in creating your life vision, learn to set healthy boundaries, bring your full self to every area of your life, and live a life full of desire and pleasure, I’d love to hear what’s holding you back.  

Let’s talk so you can discover how being authentically you is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. 

Let’s create the magic of your future together by living today fully.


  • Member of International Coaching Federation

  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach
    Energy Leadership Index Assessment - Master Practitioner


  • C.ORE Leadership Dynamic Specialist

  • C.ORE Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist

  • Fintech Change & Transformation Leader

  • Senior Director of Program Management Office at

  • Head of PMO at Worldpay by FIS

  • Computer Science BSc

  • Oxford Fintech Course

  • CFTe Extrapreneur

Raluca coaches women who are losing themselves in the hustle of professional life to rediscover their vision, balance, and pleasure.

As the founder of the FullFeel Coaching Methodology, Raluca offers a safe space of belonging and transformation, so you can start creating a beautiful future by living fully in the now.


She is an iPEC certified professional coach, Cor.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist, and an ELI Master Practitioner. She activates her expertise in the human heart and mind to help professional women live a FullFeel life.


Whether you want to Rediscover You, or ReDiscover Leadership . . . Raluca’s 1:1 coaching will transform the way you live. She loves to take exhausted achievers from restless to resilient in their journey to intentional and balanced life and leadership.

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