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Customized coaching program

Re Discover


ReDiscovering Leadership starts with becoming the one and only you, so you can go beyond confidence.

Genuine. Dynamic. Influential.

I know, you've worked yourself to the top.

Whether you've just gotten promoted, or have been leading a team for years...
sometimes you feel like you just don’t know how to help your team.


With all the books for leaders, you still feel like they’re written for someone else, and they don’t resonate with your natural approach to working with others. 


Leadership was never meant to be vague or automatically infused into a job title. 


You’re devoted to your team and colleagues. 

You’re excellent at what you do.

But sometimes, leadership just isn’t comfortable. And it’s stressful. 

And you carry the stress with you everywhere.


The truth is, what got you here isn’t going to take you to your next goal.

You’re ready for more.

True leaders like you have purpose beyond their quarterly goals and careers.

Introducing ReDiscover Leadership:

Break the Leadership Mold by Being Yourself

Here's what happens when we coach together:

  • Let go of all the ways you “should” lead (Speak up! Be assertive! Be straightforward!) and lead others exactly as you are (Hint: you’ll inspire others to become more genuine, too).

  • You inspire intentional action from your employees, rather than just putting out fires, so you can help them individually grow and succeed.

  • No matter how others around you are leading, you rise above office politics and the status quo.

  • You overcome imposter syndrome, comparison mindset, and leadership theories that don’t serve your real purpose. 

  • You take the wheel of your career choices instead of waiting for recognition. Even if it’s off the beaten path . . . you’ll attract opportunities that excite you.

  • From meetings that actually make a difference to confidently leaning into and leading difficult conversations . . . your leadership mastery will create amazing outcomes for everyone.

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This Program Exists Because of You!

I’ve worked with so many inspiring, strong, and career-driven women in leadership who still face challenges that they thought would disappear over time.


  • Disconnected employees who aren’t pulling their weight.

  • “If you want something done right, do it yourself” syndrome.

  • Missing or barely scraping by on goals (even after all that overtime).

  • Delving into more and more leadership books only to add a bunch of leadership development to an already bogged down “to do” list. 

  • When they try to “be a better leader” (by whose standards?), they fit extra things into a job description, force themselves into the image of a mentor or role model, and even wear power outfits that don’t even represent them. 

Whether they were promoted among their peers or they stepped into a new company with a new team, many of them felt like there was something they just weren’t “getting” in their role. 


All of the “things you should do” as a leader made them feel even more lost and exhausted.


In my coaching, I’ve seen powerful transformations of women who had it in them all along. 


It’s been my pleasure to partner with them to break through the mindset that they have to fit into someone else’s definition of leadership. 


Today, they are powerful and confident women, owning their influence from the boardroom to the bedroom. 

Here's What's Included


Energy Leadership

Index Assessment

Receive an ELI assessment, along with a personalized debrief (rated by Forbes as one of the top 3 assessments for leaders).

Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile

Take a test that highlights your realized and unrealized strengths so you can choose where you should focus next.

121 coaching, group coaching

20 x 1/1.5 Hour 

Coaching Sessions

Enjoy 20 one on one 1/1.5 hour coaching sessions with me, where you are completely accepted and heard.

leadership audibles

5-minute recorded audios

Listen to my recorded audio snippets that exemplify leadership and coaching skills - so you can listen on the go. Click here to listen to a sample.

10 months

10 Months of Coaching

You get up to ten months of coaching from the date of our first session, so you can achieve sustained success in every area of your life.


Personal Access to me via WhatsApp

Personal Access to me between sessions to integrate and process our coaching sessions in real time (during business hours).

Urgent coaching

SOS Call

Bonus Session to help you put our sessions into practice when those SOS moments!

Career design


Where type A organization meets deep transformation

- your life vision all mapped out.  (I bet your leadership book can't do this!)

"Before ReDiscover Leadership I was unhappy in my career and feeling a bit lost… I’d spent ages trying to figure things out on my own. I was surprised that coaching was like an accelerator - how much quicker I figured things out! I’m very grateful for my time with Raluca.” -Amelia

About Me

Hi, I’m Raluca!


Your FullFeel leadership coach and friend, passionate about helping you rediscover how you can be an authentic powerhouse as a leader and the protagonist of your life. Born in Iaşi, Romania, I grew up as a free thinking, independent-minded woman who never settled for "good enough." 


As one who has reinvented herself many times through hardship and change, I know what it’s like to push so hard you feel too exhausted to enjoy the life you created from the ground up. 


More than ever women are held to higher standards—but as we meet them, we can feel burnt out and like we’ve lost a piece of ourselves. 


That’s exactly why I created ReDiscover Leadership. You get to create the standards. You get to decide what success looks like. You get to ReDiscover a way of Being that will unlock the free, feminine, powerfully alive woman you are.

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ICF Member
ACC accredited
Energy Leadership
Professional Coach
Leadership Specialist
Wellbeing Specialist
Oxford Fintech transformation
SAFE transformation
SAFE product manager

So . . . Is Authentic Leadership for You?


If you're ready to transform into the powerful, authentic leader you were meant to be, the answer is the loudest YES!


If you’ve overachieved in your career and feel underwhelmed in your soul, it’s a definite yes.


This program takes exhausted achievers from restless to resilient in their journey to intentional leadership.


Yes, success is to be celebrated and sought after, but not at the sacrifice of losing ourselves. 


If you’re ready to regain clarity on who you are and lead with genuine purpose, Authentic Leadership is absolutely for you!


If you’re ready to create your career blueprint, you have a seat at my table. 

What people are saying about this program:

I felt like I was stuck at work. . . . I didn’t know what I wanted to do, what my strengths were, or even my values, but I knew I didn’t want to continue just trying to make everyone else happy. After ReDiscover Leadership, I feel like I am alive again, I have my passion back . . . I'm open to trying new things and happy to take some risks. I found a new role that fits and aligned exactly with my values, ​​I have the right and relevant financial protection in place.  I tell people the investment in myself was the best thing I ever done.


I felt stuck.. I thought it was time to take control of my career and life. I had tried talking to friends, I tried a counsellor and I tried talking to colleagues but the more I focused on what wasn’t working, the more stuck and frustrated I felt.  I used to try to change myself or others to avoid problems. I had a huge hang up about my age and feeling unwanted. Raluca made me recognise the value I could contribute.

Working with Raluca made me feel more confident and valued.  I do less people pleasing, and am clear in what I need to do and achieve.  I also move on from things not in my control to change.

After 5 years in the same role, I got 2 new jobs within 12 months!


  • Is this just another motivational leadership program?
    No, this program is specifically tailored and designed for YOU. No two leaders are the same and it’s all individualized based on your unique needs. Our coaching sessions are private and personal.
  • What if I’m happy with my career?
    While most of my clients come to me during career burnout or change, I work with women to bring their authentic selves into every area of their lives, whether in family, relationships, or finding their driving purpose. If you feel like a powerhouse at work but powerless in another area, I can help you be yourself anywhere.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. The program can be paid in up to five installments.

Let’s Do This!


I was in your shoes not that long ago. 


Going from the rush of success and leadership to feeling like I just wanted to slow down—but not fall back—was intimidating. 


It’s even harder to make choices aligned with what we want and not just based on what we’ve built so far. You are in safe hands to navigate through what leadership looks like for you, as I know what it’s like to transform from the inside out. I can’t wait to support you through this journey!


If you’re ready to use your inner strength and power to design a life you love, I’m here to coach you through it!


Are you ready for it?! Start now! 

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