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Customized Coaching Program

Re Discover


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This program takes exhausted achievers from restless to resilient in their journey to intentional and balanced living.

"Raluca works magic!" - Nikki
"I've channeled by inner Raluca and showed up confidently on stage!" - Jo

Get crystal clear on your inner self, discover what you need to live in alignment, focus your power and energy on designing your life, and rewelcome pleasure into your reality.


No comparison of success. No push-harder motivation. No “just relax” mindset. 


Consider this as permission to take control of your life in every area—from the boardroom to the bedroom. 

I know, you've worked yourself to the top.

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Woman with no energy

You fully understand trying harder, working harder, and even playing harder. But by living up to everyone else’s expectations you’ve lost a bit of yourself. 


Anyone peeking into the window of your life would think you have it all together . . . but you’re missing what fuels your authentic passion. 


What if:

  • Your sense of self-worth and confidence was internally unshakeable, instead of based on external achievements?

  • The next step in your career wasn’t motivated by a salary or job title, but instead on what you thrive doing?

  • You discovered how to live every day in peace and pleasure, rather than hoping it will come once you catch a break?

  • You learned the power of slowing down, recharging, and using your own powerful rituals for living in alignment, instead of the latest self-care trend that you don’t relate to?

Introducing ReDiscover You:

The 1:1 Lifestyle Coaching Engagement that Transforms Your Way of Being, for Good

This program exists because of YOU!

When I first offered coaching, I found so many strong, career-driven women who just wanted to be themselves again. 

They wanted to get back to a life full of intentionality, purpose, and authenticity, and not only at work. They wanted to regain a sense of control in everything, from how they showed up in meetings to how they cared for their families—without sacrificing everything they wanted.  

It’s been my pleasure to coach them through feelings of not being enough, comparison, the “should do” and “have to” rules. Together, we break through the disconnect of knowing what they want, with renewed confidence and assurance that they have the power to build meaningful and purposeful lives.

When coaching with me, you will



  • Gain absolute clarity on your values and desires and develop an ultimate blueprint for living your life without regrets.

  • Create your life vision, and break it down into action plans that are tangible and measurable. Transformation, today!

  • Embrace and overcome negative thoughts, feelings, and situations so you can use your power to take control instead of reacting to your life’s circumstances.

  • Be prepared to build your lifestyle from a place of inner peace and strength instead of waiting for others to do something differently. 

  • Understand how stress manifests in your life and master ways to manage it that go way beyond just taking a few deep breaths.

Fullfeel Gold Ring.png
Growth mindset

  • Create rituals and habits that align with your life vision so that every day becomes an opportunity to live out your purpose, rather than waiting for enjoyment later.

  • Make decisions and stay grounded in who you are and what you know you really want for today and tomorrow.

Yes!  I'm ready to be heard!


Here's What's Included:


Energy Leadership

Index Assessment

Along with a personalized debrief (rated by Forbes as one of the top 3 assessments for leaders), so you can get complete clarity on your lifestyle's energetic strengths and blocks.

121 coaching

12 x 1/1.5 Hour 

Coaching Sessions

Enjoy 12 one on one 1/1.5 hour coaching sessions with me, where you are completely accepted and heard.

6 months

Up to 6 Months

of Coaching Support

You get up to six months of coaching from the date of our first session, so you can achieve sustained success in every area of your life.


Personal Access to me

via WhatsApp

Personal Access to me between sessions to integrate and process our coaching sessions in real time

(during business hours).

Urgent coaching

SOS Call

Bonus Session to help you put our sessions into practice when those SOS moments!

Life vision

FullFeel Blueprint

Your personalized FullFeel Life Design Blueprint so all our sessions knit together in an unstoppable way

I’m offering you a space of belonging and alignment, my gift to you.

About Me

Hi, I’m Raluca!


Your FullFeel lifestyle coach and friend, passionate about helping you rediscover how you can be an authentic powerhouse in every aspect of your life. 


Born in Iaşi, Romania, I grew up as a free thinking, independent minded woman who never settled for "good enough." 


As one who has reinvented herself many times through hardship and change, I know what it’s like to push so hard you feel too exhausted to enjoy the life you created from the ground up. 


More than ever women are held to higher standards—but when we finally meet them, we feel burnt out on success and like we’ve lost a piece of ourselves. That’s why I coach you to live in a state of being over doing, purpose over performance, and balance over doing it all. 


You define who you are and what success means to you—no one else! Want to live a life without regrets? You’ve come to the right place!

Fullfeel Gold Ring.png

So . . . Is ReDiscover You for You?


If you're ready to transform into your powerful, authentic self, the answer is the loudest YES!

If you’ve overachieved in your career and feel underwhelmed in your soul, it’s a definite yes.


This program takes exhausted achievers from restless to resilient in their journey to intentional and balanced living.

Yes, success is to be celebrated and sought after, but not at the price of losing ourselves. If you’re ready to regain clarity on who you are, how to live in your purpose, and rewelcome pleasure into your life, ReDiscover You is absolutely for you!

If you’re ready to create your life vision, you have a seat at my table.

What people are saying about this program:

While going through the ReDiscover You program I felt decomposed in pieces of self and rebuilt in a version of me that feels confidence, hope and the vibe of creation.

It is a journey of going from confusion, self-doubt, lack of vocabulary . . . into OWNING myself.

The program guides you step by step during the journey, and moves you from introspection to action. It gives the tools . .  . that were forgotten because of life's rush: My values, my energies, unblocking lost identities.


Before I sought out coaching, the word summarizing all was “confusion.”

Sometimes you just live life without a plan or a direction. It was my moment of answering the question - Why?

I was in need of looking towards the future. ReDiscover You by Raluca is driving me step by step in creating my own scene. The breakdown in the wheel of life, the identification of values, the understanding of my created limitations are very good techniques that help me dive in.

ReDiscover You showed me that I already have the tools to achieve one of my values- intrapreneur. It helped define Identity for me; and gave me an understanding of the need for balance in all the wheel of life dimensions.

Your level of professionalism and dedication shows you care for me and my need for guided self exploration. Your active listening and guidance is done elegantly, non intrusively.


  • Is this just another motivational leadership program?
    No, this program is specifically tailored and designed for YOU. No two leaders are the same and it’s all individualized based on your unique needs. Our coaching sessions are private and personal.
  • What if I’m happy with my career?
    While most of my clients come to me during career burnout or change, I work with women to bring their authentic selves into every area of their lives, whether in family, relationships, or finding their driving purpose. If you feel like a powerhouse at work but powerless in another area, I can help you be yourself anywhere.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. The program can be paid in up to five installments.

Let’s Do This!


I’ve been in your shoes.

Going from the rush of success and leadership to the feeling that I just wanted to slow down—but not fall back—was intimidating. 


It takes vulnerability to be open and honest with ourselves and replace other people’s expectations with our own truth. 


I know what it’s like to transform from the inside out, and I can’t wait to support you through this journey. If you’re ready to use your inner strength and power to design a life you love, I’m here to coach you through it!


Are you ready for it?! Start now! 

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