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Client Stories

What does it really mean to dare to become your authentic self? 

Here’s what it’s meant to some of my clients.

Meet some powerful, independent women who realized they only live once and chose to do it without regret.

Here’s what my clients were going through when they met me. Can you relate? 

Stacey Baillie

“I felt like I was stuck at work ... I didn’t know what I wanted to do, what my strengths were or even my values but I knew I didn’t want to continue just trying to make everyone else happy. I’ve always been pretty sure of my capabilities and goals but I was feeling a bit lost ...never choosing my next steps.”


Nikki Exley

“I felt that I wasn’t making the most of the skills I had. I also thought it was time to take control of my career and life. I had a huge hang up about my age and feeling unwanted. I tried talking to friends, I tried a counsellor and I tried talking to colleagues but the more I focussed on what wasn’t working, the more stuck and frustrated I felt.”


I wonder if you, too, want to take your power back.

What happens after we work together?

I’ll let my clients tell you… 


“I feel like I am alive again, I have my passion back ...  I trust my gut ... Raluca was objective and there when I needed her. Now, I have a cheerleader through the wins and a protector for the not-so-positive aspects of life that she helps me rethink as opportunities. I’m empowered - and I found a new role that fits and is aligned exactly with my values. . . I’m confident and no longer working on things that don’t sit well with me or drain me. I also organised my finances and stopped relying on someone else. I took ownership in order to feel secure. I tell people the investment in myself was the best thing I have ever done.


"Working with Raluca made me feel more confident and valued ... Raluca made me recognise the value I could contribute ... After being in a role for 5 years, I took action for the life I wanted and ended up with two different jobs within 12 months.

... She makes you feel a fresh path, a new you, a better version is possible. I thought my life really was over to be honest but no longer! She helped me set goals and action plans and build back my self esteem - in all areas, not just work. She really gave me back my self belief. Raluca works magic!”

Ready to give yourself another chance?

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