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Lifestyle Coaching that Connects you
to your Power, Energy and Femininity

You know what to do when you know who you want to become.

The act of becoming what you are not ready to become shifts your mindset, your behaviour, your environment, your self expression and how you spend your time - ultimately changing your self image, moving your from distraction to action and traction.

You’ve Pushed So Hard to Get to the Top
That You’re Too Exhausted to Enjoy the View.

I so understand where you’re coming from.

Like you, I value power, achievement, and independence. 


But in the pursuit of your goals, you ended up on autopilot. 


You’ve surrendered your identity to work, to always having more and being more for so many years, that you’ve lost sight of who you are, and what you want. 


Every Sunday night, you're stressing out over the week ahead:

  • You're living hour by hour, meeting by meeting hoping you keep up with your own achievements.

  • You're so exhausted that self-care feels like another chore on your to-do list.


  • You book a much-needed vacation, only to work through it from your phone.


Your nightstand is piled with personal development books. You’ve got podcasts queued up on the way to work. You’ve even gone to therapy to find your next direction in life. 


I know you’ve tried everything to find your inner balance.

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Exhausted woman

As women, we really do want to “have it all,” but at what cost?

The fact is, hustle culture doesn’t support slowing down and enjoying the journey.

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Work life balance

It's no wonder you haven't been able to take a second to slow down and become intentional about your time. 


It makes so much sense that you now feel lost. 


But you can easily take control of your life again, and it’s so much simpler than you can imagine.


Within a couple of months of working together, my clients get clarity on who they are, reconnect to who they want to become and what they want, they take focused action and bring more congruency and optimisation into their lives.


They reconnect to their femininity, and their true power - from the boardroom, to the bedroom. 

Now is your chance to create a blueprint for your vibrant future, 
while enjoying the pleasures of the present.

"The blueprint is a revelation!"  - Amrit

Hi, I’m Raluca, Former One Woman Army Turned Lifestyle Coach,
And Founder of the FullFeel(™) Coaching Methodology.

I’ve found purpose in helping driven women go from disconnected to themselves to fully alive, feminine, and powerful again.


By reinviting pleasure and self expression into their lives, my clients become boldly authentic and visible in every part of their lives. 


Through my 4-Pillar FullFeel™ Coaching Method, we’ll discover your aligned path forward, so you can finally and confidently take the wheel and make life decisions that delight you. In your own way and in your own rhythm. 


Your power to break barriers as a one-woman army is to be celebrated in every area of life whether it’s the boardroom - or the bedroom. 

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Ralucan Gagea

My intention is to help you create the FullFeel life you’ve been craving. 

Get immediate insight into what’s stopping you:

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ReDiscover You

I Invite You to Rewelcome Pleasure to the Table.

FullFeel Ecosystem of Being

A FullFeel life feels like breathing through all of your senses… and being in sync with your own inner rhythm. 


It feels like…


  • Watching the quiet sunrise unfold over a black sky

  • Listening to the song that takes you back to a favorite memory

  • Sipping bold, warm coffee with peace and intention for the day

  • Owning your seat at the table with presence, peace, and influence

  • Slipping into satin sheets before you fall asleep

All of these full feelings and senses within you - a powerful and independent force to be reckoned with.

FullFeel Method

Rewelcome pleasure in your life. Start by taking my quiz to reveal your deepest blocks.

Yes, I want to help you see the joy in everyday pleasures. 


But more than that, I want to show you how to reveal your authentic purpose, rediscover your feminine essence, and bring thoughtful intention into your next chapter of life. 


You’re strong, sensual, irrepressible, and smart. 


Only by being your whole self can you live a full life. 


You are unstoppable, and I can’t wait for you to remember how passionate and playful you can be, too! 




Client Success Stories


My experience with Raluca as a coach was like connecting with my core being, coming Home. She ... helped me find clarity out of confusion, “clear the fog,” and create space for new possibilities to emerge. Raluca’s ability to deeply connect with who I am at my core ...helped me to disrupt my standard thinking patterns. . .letting my heart and intuition join forces with my “busy mind” and achieving clarity and alignment. Do you want to rediscover your true and authentic self, see open doors where you didn’t know existed and move ahead? Then partner with Raluca in a journey of new awareness, exploration and discoveries!


Raluca gets to the crux of the issue and then in a dialogue helps you to look at that issue with compassion. This is magic because it takes out the guilt, the regret, the anger. She helps bring future ideas - and suggests options- she makes you feel a fresh path, a new you, a better version is possible. The magic has a legacy that is still ignited and I can go back to when I falter or have a bad day. But really she gave me back my self belief. Raluca works magic.

I needed to look for a new role ... I'd always applied for roles that had been in line with previous roles, not taking into consideration how this actually fits in with my life vision - I didn’t know what my life vision was!

Now, I have a life vision on a page - seeing that these are achievable and then lead to goals being set to this effect. I also have awareness of my own and other’s energy in meetings, and confidence in my decisions!

The blueprint is a revelation!


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